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NoCalc can pay for itself within one year due to savings. You will use fewer cleaning products and will also save energy* because equipment such as heating systems, boilers, washing machines and common household appliances work more effectively. You will reduce the amount of soap and shampoo used and your skin and hair will feel softer and the water will taste better. You don’t have to take our word for it. Ask your kitchen or bathroom supplier, plumber or construction specialist. They can tell you all about the unique NoCalc water treatment method.

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Installation examples

NoCalc CombiCompact and PrefilterPLUS will fit every kitchen cabinet or other small space and are easy to install as each
Starter Set includes a set of connectors with compression fittings included for 15 mm and 22 mm installations.

NoCalc CombiCompact

Standard installation example of a CombiCompact unit in a kitchen cabinet (under sink)

NoCalc PrefilterPLUS

Standard installation of a PrefilterPLUS unit in a kitchen cabinet (under sink)